Kings Square Project Precinct Meeting

by dgeorgieva on 26 June 2017


FICRA meeting with Mayor Brad Pettit & City Ward Councilor Rachel Pemberton

‘Kings Square Project’

Tuesday, July 4th at 6pm

Fairweathers, Notre Dame University,
(old Fremantle Hotel) corner of High and Cliff Street

Dear inner city residents and friends

We have been contacted by City Ward Councillor Rachel Pemberton advising that The Kings Square project will be getting underway in coming months and that The Mayor and City Ward Councillors Pemberton and Naber thought it provides a special opportunity/reason to attend meetings of various City of Fremantle Precincts to update Fremantle residents on the project, answer questions and try to address any concerns local residents may have.

We have therefore accepted the offer of our elected representatives and organised a FICRA Precinct meeting for this purpose.

The main focus will be for the Mayor and Councillors to engage with local residents about the coming changes (and possible disruption) to the City centre however they are prepared to address questions or comments on any issue.

The FICRA Committee hopes you will be able to join us in attending this meeting. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions (9335-4516).

Best wishes,

Maryrose Baker, FICRA Convenor


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