The Freo Alternative engagement report before Council in January

by dgeorgieva on 12 January 2017

Dear Precinct

Please see the links below for the outcome of the Freo Alternative engagement process and report to be presented to City of Fremantle Council.

The Freo Alternative engagement report will be presented to the City of Fremantle Planning Committee on Wednesday 11 January and then Council on 25 January at 6.00 pm.

This follows several community conversations about planning provisions for small housing held over September to November 2016, when close to 300 responses were received.

Read the report to the Planning Committee and see how community feedback has been incorporated in the key principles to inform the preparation of new planning policy.

Part 1: Report to Planning Committee 11 January 2017

Part 2: Consultation responses –  The Freo Alternative Engagement Report December 2016

Anyone can attend the Planning Committee or Council meeting. You can also ask a question, make a statement or simply observe. Find out how to register for question time on the Council and committee meetings page.

So what’s the outcome of the Freo Alternative engagement process?

The Freo Alternative was designed as a starting point to explore community ideas about small housing and the things we value about established neighbourhoods in the City of Fremantle to form the vision for new planning guidelines.

As an outcome of the consultation process, we have recommended to council that new planning policy to facilitate development of smaller, more diverse housing consider the following:

  1. Design provisions to promote communal interaction between neighbours.
  2. Quantity and form of private open space for each new dwelling.
  3. Safeguarding existing trees and/or require new tree planting on development sites, proportionate to achieving viable development of smaller housing typologies.
  4. Whether draft planning standards providing reduced parking requirements for new smaller housing types, as previously discussed by Council, are the most appropriate approach to deal with parking demand and travel behaviour.
  5. Whether current planning requirements for on-site vehicle manoeuvring space could be relaxed for new types of smaller residential development.
  6. The level of access to public transport and local amenities required in order for an area to be considered a suitable, or preferred, location for the development of additional smaller housing types.
  7. Planning standards for open space, outdoor living area and landscaping requirements.
  8. Good quality design outcomes, including design that is responsive to local character and context.
  9. Encouraging or mandating higher than ‘business as usual’ sustainability standards in building design and construction.

What’s next?

A draft planning scheme amendment is expected to be available for public input mid-2017. Register for My Say Freo updates to stay informed.




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